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Cogitation has occurred

28th October 2005 (20:53)
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My job doesn't involve much in the way of brain activity. The poor thing has to do something while I'm opening letters, and today it did this:

I have worked out how they managed to justify changing the name of the first Harry Potter novel from Philosopher's Stone to Sorceror's Stone, and it's all to do with Tolkien.

Specifically, with the palantiri.

Now, as we all know, the palantiri were seven Seeing Stones used by the Numenoreans to keep abreast of things in the Second Age of Middle Earth. There were three in the North, and four in the South. The northern three were at The Grey Havens, Weathertop, and somewhere else. The southern four were at Orthanc, Osgiliath, Minas Arnor (Tower of the Sun), and Minas Ithil (Tower of the Moon). By the Third Age, the two northern Stones not at the Grey Havens have been lost - the one at the Grey Havens only looks westward.

Of the southern ones, the Orthanc Stone was kept safe by Saruman until he got bored one day and decided to turn to the Dark Side. The Arnor Stone passed from use by the Kings to being-looked after by the Stewards, until Denethor II, who used it more carefully than Saruman, but still got fooled by it into thinking defeat was inevitable. The master Osgiliath Stone is presumed destroyed, or otherwise taken out of action. The Ithil Stone remains in place.

The problem is, Minas Ithil is captured by Sauron's forces, and used as the headquarters of the Nazgul. The Tower of the Moon becomes the Tower of Sorcery (Minas Morgul). So, the Ithil Stone becomes the Morgul Stone - the Moon Stone becomes the Sorcerous Stone. You can see how easily the mistake can be made.

Feel free to groan now.